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Thank you for your interest in creating a custom sign with Inspire Metals!

Please fill out the form below

We will respond to all requests within 72 hours. Due to the current amount of orders, please allow 3-4 weeks for creation and shipping.

Custom Order Form

Intake questionnaire for custom order requests
  • Max dimensions are 46" X 36"
  • Word art requests only
  • Max file size 10MB


Please see our FAQ below

Do you do custom orders?

YES. Please send your ideas to www.inspiremetals.com/customorders for a price quote, also see our font options here if your piece contains any text.

Can the metal art be placed outdoors?

YES. All of our artwork is made from American made high strength aluminum. Unlike steel, aluminum will not rust and is suitable to be hung both indoors and outdoors. All art pieces are treated with a professional protective coating, allowing them to be hung outdoors for an extended period of time. It is recommended that you notify us if you are planning to hang outdoors, so that we can apply an extra coat for added protection.

Do you offer different finish options?

YES. There is a setup fee for anything other than our standard clear coat. Fee depends on finish and size.

For finishes we offer:
brushed aluminum (silver)
grinded aluminum (silver)
rainbow (red through purple)
Please click here to view our custom finish options

Can I change the size of one of your art pieces?

If you would like the piece to be smaller than the size the size listed, we can shrink any piece to a minimum of 6″.

If you are interested in a larger size than the one listed, we can enlarge a piece up to 30″

Can a different metal other than aluminum be used for my art piece?

No. At Inspire metals we work exclusively with Aluminum, however we offer an array of stains and finishes to match the desired shade for your specific theme or decor

Click here to see finish options

How thick is the aluminum that you use?

The aluminum we use is 14g and about the thickness of a nickle, however, the art piece pops 1/2″ from the wall when using the spacers provided.

Do you offer international shipping?

Yes. However due to the recent changes made with international shipping, we only offer international shipping from our Etsy store. Click here to shop our Etsy Store

How long does it take for my art piece to ship?
Based on our current volume of orders, please allow us 2-3 weeks for shipping unless specified on the listing.

Do you have any customer reviews or testimonials?

YES. You can view our customer reviews here

Do the art pieces come to me ready to mount?
YES. Each piece has post mounts welded to the back for easy installation. The installation is simple, yet secure, with no visible hardware. Installation kit included

Watch the installation process here.